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Polyamide carpets

Our range of 100% polyamide carpets confronts you with ample choices: It extends across six different qualities.

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Key facts at a glance

Apart from their specific features, all carpet types share the typical advantages of polyamide: very high abrasion resistance and outstanding longevity, good lightfastness and easy cleanability.

The carpets are permanently flame-retardant and fulfill the fire standards and requirements pursuant to EN 45545-2.


Polyamide Econyl® is used for the production of carpets (with the exception of polyamide Comfort printed and Polaymide velours printed). Econyl® consists of 100% recycled raw materials such as fishing nets, yarn waste and fabrics. The use of Econyl® reduces the consumption of oil, water and energy during the fiber production process.

Printed carpets

The exclusive printing process makes it possible to implement a broad range of design variations. Consequently, nothing limits the creativity of our customers. Even photorealistic motifs can be printed. Additionally, the printing method shortens sampling and production times while reducing minimum order quantities.

Polyamide loop printed

Loop carpet with a dense surface and technical looks.

Polyamide velours printed

Velours carpet with a glossy, velvety appeal.

Polyamide comfort printed

Premium velours carpet with noble optics as well as dense, smooth surface that provides high underfoot comfort.

Yarn-dyed carpets

Yarn-dyed carpets are eminently suitable for reproducing small-patterned geometric structures. They are also very uniformly dyed and feature excellent colorfastness. Contrary to printed carpets, however, sample production times are longer and minimum order quantities are higher.

Polyamide loop

Loop carpet with a dense surface and technical looks.

Polyamide velours

Velours carpet with a glossy, velvety look.

Meltreno Brush

Lantal's Meltreno Brush carpets are particularly suitable for stain-critical zones. The material consists of three yarn types that in combination fulfill a double function: On the one hand, it effectively holds back coarse dirt and wetness and on the other, a special chafing yarn thoroughly cleans shoe soles and wheels.